autumn inspirations.. and a mixtape!

Ohhhhhhh, how I love this time of year....Yesterday, the official first day of Autumn, did seem slightly milder and this morning it is cool and breezy out.

I have been feeling the excitement for Fall with the days getting shorter and the mornings being a bit cooler, but to have the official first day here already makes me super excited about all things Fall. Yesterday I finished up my painting project - well, the only thing I have left is the porch swing, and that will happen in time. The house looks so lively though with the new turquoise trim...

A few things I am looking forward to this Fall...

a few beach trips... Last year was my first ever trip to Jekyll Island and it was amazing and beautiful - I will be taking another trip down there again with my mom and brother!! I love the beach in the off-seasons.....so quiet and beautiful....

soups, chilis, roasts, and crock pot meals.......

the shorter days.... I am always excited for the onset of Fall when the days get shorter because that means that I get to start a new routine. When it starts getting dark at 5:30 or 6 in the evenings, I get to finish up animal chores earlier than in the Summer, and start indoor fun stuff that I never normally have time for - like sewing, blogging, baking, reading. When I get home I spend pretty much every minute of daylight outside. I just can't help myself! Of course when the Spring comes and the days get longer, I am ready for a change once again, ha!

no sweating!!

pecan pie!

French toast, pancakes, grits, and waffles! Yeah, yeah, I know you can eat these all year round, but we don't really have them much (if at all) in the Summer months. Hot breakfast foods are definitely a staple of cooler mornings around here!

Indoor painting or mini-facelifts for the indoors. This is the time of year I do my most sewing. Last year I made a beautiful set of blackout drapes for the livingroom out of a bolt of vintage blue velvet I found at an estate sale. This year I think I may paint the kitchen, hang some curtains in the bigger kitchen window and make some little curtains for the smaller window in front of the sink.

Fire! I have been collecting and piling limbs and brush all Spring and Summer to be burned this Fall. I love the smell of a burning brush pile and always look forward to the burn ban to be lifted!

Oh! and one last thing off the top of my head - YARD SALES! I love grabbing a hot cup of coffee from a gas station and driving around looking for yard sales. Walking around digging through other people's junk is always so much nicer when the mornings are crisp and cool...

Happy Friday! What are your Autumn 'routines'?



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