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I want an outdoor bathtub to soak! I WILL have one....one day....I think this winter I will work on a clearing and a platform so that when the time comes for the actual tub, I will be ready! OR if someone wants to donate to my outdoor spa, I am ready to accept a large clawfoot tub and the labor involved in making this scene below, my reality!
I just stumbled across THIS blog and in particular, THIS RECIPE for these outright mouthwatering photos of these mashed potatoes....I so need these! I have been on a comfort (but somewhat healthy) food kick as of late, and I think these are gonna make an appearance on the menu one evening this week! ;)

I got this book for Christian for Christmas a few years ago, but I never really got around to reading/ looking at it.... I did flip through it when it first came in the mail, and think I may just get lost in it this weekend!!

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