*pinching myself* am I dreaming?

Sorry for the lack of posts these last few days, but I have been a little under the weather. I seem to have developed an allergy to something. I have NEVER really had a problem with seasonal allergies, but something has been giving me a time! Anyway, let me catch you up on the happenings at the farm....
So as you know, I am fostering Hazel from a local rescue and due to this connection, I was able to be involved in temporarily caring for these three who are moving here with their family from Austin, TX. I could hardly say anything but YES!! when I saw that one of them was a tiny little mini horse named Taffy!

Yip!! Their arrival!!! Eeeeeek! This is Big G....
...and Plum.....
Little Taffy was too tiny to see in the trailer, but she was in there!
They will be with me for a few months until the land is ready for them at their new permanent home, which is just down the road, but in the meantime, I LOVE having them here! Rose and Hazel have been enjoying having the very large Big G there as he is one handsome fella!
Then there is the sweet Miss Plum. Shy, and unsure of this new situation, but slowly she is gaining trust in me.
My sister says that Big G looks like the horse in Spirit, so I have a feeling I will be watching that cartoon movie soon - possibly this weekend.
Eli doesn't really know what to make of the new additions.  'Is she a goat like me? Or a small version of Rose?' Ha!
Look at the SIZE of that big boy!!! Talk about some intimidation..... but turns out, he's a big ol' sweetie!
I plan on having a lonnnnnnnnnng weekend of doting on all the animals and as usual will be snapping pics the whole time, so this week's Saturday snapshots should be really fun.

Rose and Hazel munching away in their own field...
This weekend I cannot wait to work in my garden, hang out with family, and have an amazing brunch with my ladies on Sunday....

My foot next to Hazel's:
 ....and then compare that to little Taffy's hooves. ADORABLE!!!
 Eddie doesn't really know what to think of the new guests...and as long as he's getting the good life INSIDE the house, he doesn't care!

 good night!

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