frugal fashionable friday/ worn

Ahhhhhh today's outfit is made up of freshly picked finds......
(also, don't hate on my one pulled up sock. these things happen to us all, right? and it was chilly yesterday so I had to pull out my wooly grandma socks - ha!)

I LOVE the color in this skirt!! The buttons and lines are jussssssst my taste. 

The boots are Steve Madden (I actually scored and got TWO pairs in my size!!!) and I picked them up at a thrift store in N.GA on a fun little excursion with my sister. The skirt I literally just got Wednesday after buying off a Facebook Yardsale group for $5, the shirt came from a bag of clothes my boss' wife was getting rid of (it's an old Mexicalli Grille shirt), and the jacket I have had for several years....

Happy Friday Y'all!!!

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