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I think I am ready..... I am ready to hop on a horse. I am ready to conquer that fear..... and I want to do that in the next month or so..... That is my want for this week's segment. I am excited and terrified, and have already discussed with Holly that I may burst into tears out of excitement and anxiety. Eeeeek! You all know that I will fully document this experience - even if I act and appear to be a bit babyish ;)
Ideally and only if I win the lotto (ha!), I would have a tractor..... and a harrow rake. For the time being, and my po folks way of living out here in the sticks, I am going to have to fashion something together that works with my little lawn tractor.....that is still broken, but will hopefully be getting repaired soon.....
I need to figure out how to make my own harrow rake. I will get the pastures cut soon, and then after I will hook up my homemade harrow rake to my little lawn tractor and drag the fields. I've been researching this for some time, and it seems like a piece of chain-link fencing and some cinder blocks can do the trick. Anyone have any insight or advice or personal experience in this type of thing? Here are a few of the articles I have saved as part of my research... THIS one and THIS one. Please feel free to comment below any more helpful links! Thank you! 
This song seemed appropriate considering my wants and needs this week, and besides, who doesn't love Bob Dylan?
I LOVED this book. (click here to go to Amazon to buy it) It won't be for everyone, and I don't want to give too much of it away, but I will say that for days before I actually started reading this book, I thought it was called "Denton's Little Death Date"  -  Little is actually his last name and I had just read it wrong. This book takes place in a world where everyone knows what day they will die. The story only spans 48 hours, so it is seems like a pretty fast read. Denton's death date is the day before his senior prom. Funerals happen before the actual death, and instead of 'wakes' they have 'sittings' where everyone comes together on that date to bid their farewells and wait for them to die. There are strange characters that have the job of making sure you expire on your 'death date' and so, for some this book might be too 'out there', but I found it a nice change and comedic approach to a subject that was so close to my heart last year. It really is funny. If you know what day you will die, would you do anything differently?

Eddie wanted to sneak into this post - He said it's been a while since he appeared here...
I mentioned a few weeks ago that I would be changing the Thursday segment to one called 'eye see dear pretties', because I had run out of 'wants' & 'needs', but low and behold, I was able to have a few pop into my head recently, so with the recent new read, I figured I would share! Tomorrow is Friday! Yip! I have been by myself at the office alllllllllll week, so have had double the workload. I am super ready for the weekend!! I hope tomorrow flies by!



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