Manic Monday.... (yes, still feeling a certain way about last week)

Monday, already, eh? Well, not so manic, but I am going to start out the week sharing a few pics from yesterday....and a little song... a version you may not have heard before unless you are a HUGE Prince fan.... It was on the Prince playlist that I posted yesterday, but it is Monday, and so I wanted to share that song with this post.
Yesterday was good on so many levels. I took my friend's daughter to see some brand new baby goats, and if you have never seen the look in a little girl's eyes the first time she sees these babies, well, it is something so sweet and tender. I must say my heart melted more than once...

After the goat adventure, I visited with my mom for a bit. We talked a little about Prince - I mean his sudden departure rocked a few generations world. We talked about his huge humanitarian efforts and how no matter how scandalous he may have seemed, you never heard any thing bad from the women he courted and you never heard of him getting into any trouble or having any weird accusations to defend, so yes, everyone who appreciated him was extremely shocked of his passing at such a young age.

Then it was off to the farm. I had promised a few people some extra tomato plants that I had - I ended up germinating about 60 more tomato plants than I needed... ha! I always overkill on the seed germinating, mostly because I would rather have too many start than not enough, and you never know how many will actually 'take'....

I almost finished all of the yard work. I still haven't gotten around to getting the lawn tractor fixed, so I am push-mowing all this and it usually takes about two evenings after work or half a day on the weekend. Now all I have to do is work on my peach trees - thinning the fruit so that the limbs don't break and the fruit is nice and plump, and then a little weedeating. Oh, and then I am still pretty behind on the rest of my garden stuff, so I will be starting more seeds this week. Better late than never, right?

Now on to the pictures from the day.....
...again, this is another weekend that I did not get the good camera out. These are all unedited and taken with the iPhone 6. 

hope you all have a marvelous and not too manic Monday! ;)



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