eye spy dear pretties (of the snail mail variety)

Some of you may already know, because you have gotten a thing or two from me recently, but for those I do not personally know, I have been sending out snail mail!!

This has been something I have been trying to do for the last two years! It has been one of my New Year's goals since 2014, and as of late, I have finally gotten around to doing it! I wanted to start sending out postal mail because anytime I have ever gotten a card, letter, or package in the mail - usually at the end of a workday when I get home, it changes the whole mood of the day. It's like a little surprise - completely unexpected, but totally welcome. 

Ive been really good at sending stuff out regularly for the last couple of months now - and it actually is super fun for me as well as whoever receives it! Today's dear pretties are going to include some recent stationary finds that I think are just pretty, cute, or perfect for a random snail mail surprise.

(click on any of the images below to be redirected to the site or online store for purchase)

I just LOVED Holly Hobbie when I was a little girl. I had the sheets, the drinking glasses, dolls, books - you name it. I had to think twice about this vintage stationary set.... I almost bought it, but I have so much stationary at the moment, I am set to mail out things for months! That, and the fact that I don't need it....AND I am on a tight budget.... wah!

....and these stickers. Again, something I did not order, but I may. I do love adorning my mail with stickers and other fun stuff - little drawings, etc...

...and if you want a whole snail mail 'start up' kit, well, here ya go! Looks like all you might need after getting this set, is a few stamps.

.......annnnnnnnnnd I just love all these from the local print shop here in Athens.....



Well, that is all for today's 'eye spy dear pretties' piece. I may be back this evening to share some photos of the farm and critters. I have really been loving these sunny spring days! It's Thursday!!!! which means for most of us, its almost time for a few days of FUN! It is supposed to be sunny and in the 80s here this weekend, and I am behind on my gardening because I started so late, so I am hoping to get a leg up on that project and then start taking steps to get my Etsy shop updated and back up and running. Happy Thursday!!



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