Yowza!!! Fence is DONE!!!!

 OK, so here is the recap of the work in photos.....

As you can see, the original fence that was put up not even two years ago, had taken a HUGE beating from Eli. After about a year, I put up that strand of electrical fence, and that trained him as well as the other goats, but the damage was already done :(  - look at that horrid fenceline!!!! And to think when it was first put up, it was streamlined and sooooo straight! Something I was really proud of!
 out with the old.....

 .....and in with the new!!

 ...and the next thing is clearing a path to the concrete building on the property so that I can walk from my house to the building, rather than having to go down the road...
 that's all for now - eeeeeesh. I'm tired and sore and soaking wet. It rained or drizzled on me pretty much all day. But there were no bees buzzing around me and I didn't see any snakes, so that's a plus!



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