New Tools...(probably not what you are thinking)

So I recently got curious about how to digitally enhance my photos with something more than iPhoto... 

I took the leap and am now a subscriber to Photoshop! Eeeeek! And it is so complicated I bought a series of online classes so that I can learn how to use it.... I tried when I first got it and was totally lost. My classes are all online based and whenever I have time to take them (which is when it rains and it is too messy to be outside), so I am hoping in the next few days I will learn a little something! 

I have always been into photography, but back in high school it was done in the dark room and the only enhancing was in the developing. The rest had to be captured with your eye... 

So I guess that is why I have been reluctant to get Photoshop. I always use whatever camera I have handy - sometimes it's a small cheap Canon Powershot SX130 that I got years ago for under $100, or my iPhone, and if I plan on taking photos (for my shop or portraits), I do use my ol' trusty Canon Rebel T3i. 

I don't have the money to spend on the latest and greatest new cameras, so I am excited how to enhance the photos I have been taking... who knows, I may not get much out of it, but I am at least excited to learn something new! 

Anyone else out there new (and terribly behind) with the digital photo enhancing and editing stuff? 

I will post a bit more about this subject in the next month or so when I get around to learning and playing with Photoshop! 



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