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I want to eventually try something like this for a privacy fence from the closest neighbors. I want to have a field for more animal forage on the far side of the land, but I cannot see the pasture from my house, and I want to be ensured that the neighbors cannot feed the animals... I just have had a neighbor feeding the horse when I was at my dad's and the things I would find at the fenceline were crazy! Cereal, old food, even chicken! So, yeah, my bad experience has lead me to be a bit paranoid about neighbors and my animals.... ha! I think I have a source for old tin, so this may be a good inexpensive option for my privacy fence! We shall see.....

I need to learn how to preserve food this year.... I may take a class on canning and buy one of those vacuum sealers that my grandma used to freeze foods in because this is the year of minimal waste - FOR REAL! 

"The Good Life" by Helen & Scott Nearing

“The store customer, who comes home with a package under his arm has learned nothing, except that a ten dollar bill is a source of power in the market place. The man or woman who has converted material into needed products via tools and skills has matured in the process.”

― Helen Nearing

Back in 1932, when the Nearings fled to an old farmhouse in the Green Mountains, they considered themselves pioneers. They wrote about the satisfactions and rewards of living off the land in a book called ''Living the Good Life,'' first published in 1954. Before long, they became the symbolic leaders of generations of homesteaders in a movement back to the land that still seems to be gaining momentum.

You can purchase the book HERE for $12, and also read a very detailed article in Mother Earth News from 1977 HERE.