Valentine's Day is less than a week awaaaaaayyy.....

ohhhhh how I loved Valentine's Day as a child.....mama letting me pick out which cards I wanted to take to school, buying lollipops for each card, and packaging them the night before, so that I could hand them out the next day at school..... such fun!

As we get older and are in more established relationships, I don't know that it means that much to 'remember' that we love each other one day a year, or celebrate it once a year, but the fun in making cards and heart shaped foods is a bit of a tradition for us. I am always up for a reason to make sweet and savory foods to eat in one setting... It's just a good excuse to eat junk, chocolates, and veg out watching TV.....

IF I were to suggest a good gift for Valentine's Day, it would be this.... a subscription service that delivers food every two months from around the world, lovingly curated by chefs..... click the image for more info!

We will probably be celebrating with our heart shaped food and fine television next Saturday because I plan on going for a little hike with the sister on that Sunday! 

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