Sunday "Worn" & Fun Day Date!!!

Today was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I woke up early as usual and hung with Eddie and sipped my coffee while catching up on some internet reading....

We had planned on going on a cheap date - what I had mentioned yesterday on the blog, but it was too good to be true! Instead we went to see Zoolander 2 and then went for some deeeeeelish pizza afterwards. 
 Ohhhhhhh yeah! Snacks all the way!
I snapped some pics of my new dress that I picked up yesterday while I was out on the hunt for all pretty things vintage and then we were off on our date.....Rose was a sight as she was prancing around in the sunshine.... 

I am struggling hard with what I want to do with my hair.... Part of me wants to dye it, part of me wants to cut it all off, I am torn! If I dye it, should  go red or dark brown? If I cut it, I am thinking it will be just below my shoulders.... I am gonna try and sleep on it for about a week and see what I feel like then....

So this super cute edition of 'worn' consisted of a vintage colorful chevron dress, a baby blue corduroy jacket, and my favorite shoes from Free People...

Here are a few snapshots from my phone from the day:

 I got caught up in a new app on my phone while waiting for our pizza..... ha!

Ahhhhhhhh beer and pizza! Perfect indulgence.
 I really loved this look! I snapped a pic in the bathroom of the theater because I wanted to make sure it was indeed as pretty as the perfectly lit photos from earlier in the day.... and it was!
 ...back home and all snuggles from Eddie. He is just the best.
 I am so glad these two love each other so much! I guess it makes me feel better about leaving him for 4-5 hour blocks, knowing that he has a buddy to keep him company.
I hope you all had a good weekend! I am off the computer to go watch the Oscar Red Carpet pre-show. I am always curious what folks are wearing.... 
Here's one more of me and my guy. He does not do any social media, but he DOES exist! I love Christian, so why not make his head a big ol' heart! <3 

Night, y'all! 

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