Beautiful Death Valley Blooms & Weekly Roundup of #100HappyDays

I am sooooo glad it is Friday! The weather is supposed to be sunny and mild - perfect for starting a few outdoor projects....

I am patiently awaiting the tiny seedlings to emerge from the peat moss, and in the meantime, I am staggering starting other seeds. Just a thought, but when we plant seeds, we aren't growing plants, but rather giving these little seeds what they need to have a good shot at becoming something great, and then hoping we are giving them enough of what they need, so that they can grow by themselves. Did any of you see the super bloom in Death Valley? It's quite amazing to think about all the seeds lying dormant in this place of dunes, rocks, and well, non-existent life, and with the amount of rainfall the desert got this year, it was enough to germinate the seeds, and give them just enough of what they needed to bloom! So cool - here's a video from the park service about the desert blooms:

 and now for the weekly roundup of #100HappyDays.....
Just a recap of what this is about.... Back in 2014 there was an internet based challenge about how easily you could change your perspective or others just by taking a moment to appreciate one thing every day (for 100 days) that makes you happy. I usually take at least a few pictures and post them on IG, but the fact that I had to acknowledge that one thing every day made me happy, actually forced me to be thankful about that one little thing - just giving it that extra thought about it bringing me happiness, changed everything. I decided to do it again this year, because - WHY NOT? I am already posting tons of photos, so might as well give some props to what makes me smile! Here's what has made me happy in the last week since the last roundup:

day 17:
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day 18:
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day 19:
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day 20:
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I hope everyone has a great weekend, I am off to the gym on this early Friday morning, and will be busy as a bee, starting more seeds,  hopefully starting my next fence project, a little thrifting, some hay hauling, and some work with Rose! Happy Friday!!

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