timing is everything...

It's a new year, and I cannot believe I am coming up on being at this house for TWO YEARS! Aside from my New Year's goals, I have some other things that I plan on diving into. Some are top secret and will be revealed at a later date, and some are just things like finish setting up for my Spring garden that I started last January, but failed to finish because of the unfortunate circumstances of last winter. I do want to get back into a more regular 'Sweet Stuff Sunday' posting routine again, but I kindof ran out of ideas.... In 2014, I had 52 different desserts posted - all gluten free. We will see what 2016 brings....

The saying 'timing is everything' has proven to be true - especially this year so far. The end of last year, things seemed to come together in a way that set a foundation for what is to come.. Things that I had not even realized were a dream, have appeared (or reappeared) to set in motion things that have inspired me to be super creative. There is a perfect balance of new in with the old, and there is a type of harmony in my life that I haven't experienced in quite some time.

I am finally adjusting to the ebb and flow of life at my farm, and soon we will be adding a foster horse. I am so excited to be able to see my Rose frolicking in the field with a pal when the wind blows a certain way, or when she just feels spunky. She loves the cows next door, so this will be fun to watch!

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