Lazy Sunday

While I am still shocked that it is already 2016, I am so excited about what this year will bring! I have been speaking with a friend about the million dollar idea I had on my list of goals, and it has been quite fun brainstorming ideas and getting creative.

There was a lot I wanted to get done today at the farm considering I go back to work tomorrow, and with the short days, I have little or no time in the evenings to accomplish much, BUT I had a coffee date this morning at the house, then Christian got a surprise day off, and after a few failed attempts at starting a fire to burn some tree limbs and brush (the wind was too much for my patience), I decided to be super lazy! I napped on and off for hours, read, surfed the web, took a long bath, and did pretty much nothing. I rarely do this for myself, and man, it was AWESOME. A few pics from the lazy day....

My little idea loft space

The strong and majestic Rose this morning after a few dance trots and pounces..

...then back to bed for some reading and napping... 

Eddie was enjoying having me in bed all day as well! 

..then he woke up to do a little reading himself!

I woke up, did the animal chores, and opened up this vintage game that I bought Christian for Christmas called 'Skunk'. We have had a WHOLE lot of experience with skunks out here, so it was funny and fitting when I saw this game.

These are a few things that I came across while surfing the web, that I liked enough to share:

1. Nine reasons to bring back cocktail parties.... (Click on image for article)

2. This eye opening documentary on the child slaves used in the making of one of my vices, chocolate.

The following companies benefit from child slave labor:
Hershey, Mars, Nestle, ADM Cocoa, Godiva, Fowler's Chocolate, and Kraft

Is there child slavery in your chocolate? (click image for more info)

I will definitely pay more attention when purchasing chocolate going forward...

3.  ....and last but not least, I ALWAYS roast broccoli, but never think of doing it to cauliflower. This recipe is one I am gonna try this week! If not the recipe below, something similar - I will share! 

Now I am off to bed! Back to the grind tomorrow! Good night!

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