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The first goal of 2016 was 'be on time'... THAT one is a little harder than I thought... so far I was on time to work the very first and second day into the new year, but until the time changes, and the sun comes up a little earlier, I will struggle to get there AT 8am. It's not that I cannot wake up early enough, because I am usually up at 4am. I like to wake up before the rest of the world does... but, you see, I cannot do my morning farm chores until it's daylight - the chickens are prey for the fox that lives at the farm, but as long as I let them out just after dawn, they are safe. The rest I could do in the dark, but it's much easier to not have to wear a headlamp while moving the horse into her 'day' field and I am less likely to have an encounter with a skunk, opossum, or armadillo. Soon, I will have no excuse, but until then, I am hoping to find a way around the dark and still get to work at 7:59am!! 
Another one of my goals was to 'get my fitness on', and this morning I STRUGGLED SO HARD to get my butt to the gym. It was freezing out, but I went out and started my car when I let Eddie out for his business. I piddled on the internet, reading up on the latest Facebook posts, and then found myself actually talking myself out of going. Back and forth I went, until the final word (from my good girl perched on my shoulder) was 'GO' but I was going to be five minutes late to class (be on time - FAIL, get my fitness on - CHECK!).... Arrgghhh! I texted the instructor that I was going to be a few minutes late, and hopped in my car. On the way, I had a pretty red fox cross the road in front of me in the dark as I was jamming out to 'Shake Your Love' by Debbie Gibson on Sirius XM - embarrassing, I know, but it was fun to go back to 11-year old me, doing dance routines to pop music back in the late 80s.... Soooooo glad I grew out of THAT phase! Luckily I made it to class, then back home to tend to the animal chores before heading off to work at my desk job for the day.......But I made it to the gym! Yay!!
Annnnnd here is an update on a few other things at the farm....

When it is as cold as it has been, the animals eat more hay. They need more food because their body needs that energy to help keep them warm. Last weekend I looked at my hay, and thought MAYBE I would have enough to last me through the weekend (mostly because I was too lazy to go get hay, and I was hoping the power of positive thinking would make the hay last til the weekend - ha!).....well, that is not happening and tomorrow evening I will be completely out, so I get to spend a few hours after work getting hay, but it will be one less thing to tackle this weekend - gotta look at the positive, right?Annnnnnnnd that means I get to have an evening cocktail with one of my girlfriends as we catch up on new year happenings- she is letting me borrow her truck because my 'Black Beauty' Ford needs new tires that I haven't had the time or money to get! Ahhhhhhh! The joys of having a lil hobby farm.... it's kind of an expensive hobby unless you are selling eggs & milk....

The water in the house luckily has still not froze, but I could not get the outside hose to work at all this morning, and had to fetch water from the house in one-gallon jugs to get the animals enough water for the day. I called my stepdad about it, and mentioned that I had done everything he told me to in order to keep the water flowing at my house, when included shutting off the valve that supplies water to the laundry room....well, would ya believe it, that the hose that is next to Rose's pasture actually comes off the same line that supplies the laundry room with water???? Yes, rigged central over here in the plumbing department, but still nothing frozen! Yay! The temps are not going to get as cold as they have been, thankfully, because it is a pain in the butt to get to the valve that shuts off the water to the laundry room, where the pipes run on an outer wall, and are uninsulated...
The pics below give you an idea of how much of a pain in the butt it is to get to the valves..... BEHIND the only spot in the kitchen where the fridge fits. Oh joy.
Oh, on my way back to work from lunch, I stopped at the thrift store and got a few things, which I will share soon! The thrift stores have been very good to me lately! I think I am going to have a new segment this year that focuses on my thrifting finds, but for starters I will share the ones from the last few weeks on Friday.

We are halfway through the first full week of 2016! So far, I am feeling the positivity of this year like butterflies in my belly! I have some exciting things in the works, and can hopefully share some of them very soon!! Happy Wednesday! Xoxoxo! 

I LOVE my knitted hat that mt grandma wore - it can be worn with just about anything, and it makes me happy. Check out that BEAUTIFUL sun radiating light behind me!! 
(I snapped this pic in my driveway at sunrise, no dangerous driving selfies from this gal!!!)

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