friday frugal finds... (new segment!!!)

this is a new segment where I post my thrifty finds from time to time. 

I gravitate towards vintage floral patterned sheets. We have a king sized bed, and I have managed to get lucky enough to find beautiful sheets that barely cost anything! I have made light curtains out of some sheets, but for the most part, I just like the way they look and usually never leave a thrift store without a few sheets.
This Miss Elliette dress. Wow. It is in immaculate condition....and hot pink! (thrifted)

This sweet green vintage desk lamp... (yard sale)

these socks. hand crocheted and sooooo warm! (thrifted)

..A set of these chairs. They were on clearance at Target. I spotted these cool things first at my friend Jen's house. Very unique and when I asked her about them, she told me where to get them for a steal! 

a couple of badass vintage leather coats (thrifted). They look like they came from last season's Fargo wardrobe. Definitely look like Mike Milligan and the Kitchen Brothers attire!  I gave one to my sister-in-law, and have these three left. I haven't decided if I am going to keep one for myself, or sell them in my store.
...annnnnd last but not least, this white faux fur vintage coat (thrifted)!

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