Wednesday's Worn....& Some Talking Heads.

Still struggling with these 15 pounds I have gained in the last several months, so I am having to get a little bit more creative in what makes me feel good. As I have said before, color makes me happy. It boosts my mood and even makes my heart flutter. Today's post is made up of a thrifted shirt and skirt, a personalized belt from a flea market, carrot socks that were a gift from some really cool gals, and shoes (that are no longer available) from Free People. I have no idea what kind of team the Michigan State Spartans are, but the shirt is green - bright green, and it caught my eye at the thrift store. I did stop at the store wearing it and someone yelled "Go green! Woo-hoo!". I just gave them a 'thumbs up', hoping that was a good thing... ;)

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