Two Cents Tuesday: Friends.....

This post is about all the most important non-blood family in my life - my friends. I rarely share too much personal stuff on the blog regarding Christian (because he just is not a fan of social media AT ALL) and I don't really share a whole lot of my friends - well, mostly I share tons about my furry friends, not so much of the human ones..... Instead I choose to focus on the farm, my hobbies, and all the good that this world has to offer. The last year has proven to be a real test of strength and hope, and because of that, the blog had fallen by the wayside. I have started getting things back in order, even been out thrifting a few times since I came back home in the beginning of June, and I have started and finished some home projects that I cannot wait to share with you. I have almost reconnected with all the friends that I had to push to the side for the last several months, and everything is falling back into place, only better than before.

In my almost 39 years of being here, I have learned so much about relationships. My own relationship with Christian which is approaching our 16 year anniversary, and my friendships have been crucial in my own development as a good person and friend to others. The friendships I have are worth more than any amount of gold. Some are from my childhood, while others are from my very first days of being an 'adult', and some are from more recent years, but they are all very valuable to me in the same ways and I want to put the effort into them so that they will still be a thing of my life when I am well 'over the hill'....

Some friendships have been consistently good and any hiccup is resolved effortlessly, while other squabbles resulted in months of a cold shoulder before being resolved. The key is that eventually they WERE resolved. That is what a true friendship is. Issues don't just 'work themselves out' or 'calm down' after some time passes, they have to be fixed. Some friendships go with so much time and distance between us, it is hard to imagine how we can possibly be so close. I love all my friends with every bit of my heart, and because of them all, I was able to have the backing to pull myself out of whatever funk I was in, and come out of the hermit life I have lived since January ;)

Thank you to ALL my beautiful, fabulous, loyal friends. I love you soooooo much!!

My heart.... I love this man so much. He was my main support aside from my brother and mother during the most difficult time of my life. We have now entered a whole new 'honeymoon' phase since I got back.

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