Weekly Roundup of #100happydays & Some George Harrison! It's FRIDAY!!

Day 5:
I am sooooo happy to be back home where I can actually soak in a tub.... I loved being in my dad's home, but unfortunately he only had a shower stall, and every girl needs a tub, so I have been indulging in Epsom baths pretty much every single day!!

Day 6:
This was one of the happiest days I have had all year. My dad's babies were loaded up, and delivered to my lil farm. Pure joy from this gal....and just in time for Father's Day!!!

Day 7:
....just feeling the love from Eli & Ellie while observing how Eddie and Rose are adjusting at the new place... 
...and Rose and Eddie are doing well. They have settled right in and have made themselves at home! Eddie proved to me that he still has the drive to be a retriever when it comes to birds  - and that includes MY CHICKENS, but his little senior clumsy run gave the chickens a chance to run and know to keep their distance...lol!
Day 8:
Eddie had a vet checkup and he is in pretty good health! A slight issue with heartworms, but he is on meds and should be rid of them soon! Not anything to worry about!

Day 9:
Just enjoying this new ride! My car finally gave out after all the driving I was doing since my dad passed away.... While I was haggling everything from the price, to the trade-in value, to the APR, I could feel my daddy right there with me saying, "That's how the Thrashers do it!" Yeah! I love this thing!! Adventureland, here we come!!!

Day 10:
Yep. Another bath...ha! Only this time aside from the usual Epsom salts, I also spritzed myself with magnesium oil......total relaxation.....ahhhhhhhhh....

Day 11:
Feeling the love and my daddy's approval that they are happy here! 

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