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I am in LOVE with these boots! A little too pricey for my wallet, but a girl can dream, right? If you have a fat wallet, you can get them HERE.

I have been away from my home for too long and am just getting settled back in, after a four month hiatus and hours of commuting to and from work, so I think it is prime time for a dry mustard, baking soda, and epsom salt detox bath! If you have never had one of these before, then you should try it!! It involves a LOT of sweating and you will come out glowing for the rest of the day. I usually take them when I have gone through stress of any kind and it even helps when you feel like you are coming down with some sort of cold or funk. The recipe is 1/4 C dry mustard, 1/4 C ground ginger, 1/4 C baking soda, and 2 C Epsom salts. Mix all ingredients together, and pour into your bath. Soak for AT LEAST 20 minutes. It will be hard to do, trust me - it feels like the water gets hotter and hotter, but that is the detox working its magic. Trust me. It doesn't look so pretty when its in the tub, but it works wonders......

I am totally in the mood for some of this today..... 

I recently purchased THIS BOOK. I have always loved Chloe Sevigny, and cant wait to look through this book with a morning cup o' joe this weekend!!!

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