2015: Goals & Dreams

Wow! Staying on top of things in the new year has proven to be a challenge for me!!! Getting sick the last week of 2014 and the first week of 2015 and I am struggling to catch up BIG TIME!!!! For starters, my last post was more of a catch-up in pics and a 'Sweet Stuff Sunday' post, so now for the meat of my plans for 2015... I would like to say this year instead of resolutions, I am announcing my goals and realistic, obtainable dreams. Here goes:

~ Get better at time management. I already seem to get a lot done in a short amount of time, but I always seem to run short when time is a factor.... I am REALLY bad at getting in over my head in projects and having no choice but to finish them in tight situations even if that means working in the dark, which I don't want to do!!

~ Smile more. Even when I have had the shittiest of days....
In other words, a few days ago, in the midst of dealing with a two week sinus infection, the aftermath of a three day gully washer (resulting in completely saturated pastures and a huge mess of mud everywhere), heating elements going out in the water heater, freezing temps resulting in frozen and busted pipes (only the hot water pipes too - how weird??), annnnnnnd on the last day of madness having the laundry room water lines freeze (on laundry day no less!), the tensions were high in the house and Christian said something about how I hadn't smiled much that day (or something along those lines), so out of spite, I went overboard and smiled about everything. It was a bit much, yes, BUT miraculously it DID change my mood. It made me laugh at myself and as irritated as Christian was with me, he was laughing too... So, more smiling!!! Even when I don't wanna...

~ Make more friend time. I have only a handful of friends, because I would rather have the best friends in the whole world than to have the most friends.... In the last year, and even the years before that when the farm was 20 minutes from where I lived, I fell behind on friend time. This year, I am going to make it a priority to nurture these relationships.

~ Up my water intake.

~ Learn more carpentry skills....

~ Clear more land on the property (Currently I am making a path on the extreme overgrowth and making it a beautiful forest-like path!!) We have mostly hardwoods with the exception of one patch of young pines.

~ Try to make a greenhouse!!

~ Work on my fencing of the entire property - I don't think I will get even close to getting half of it done, but I need to work on it at least once a month in my spare time and before it gets too hot out...

~ Visit grandma more. Now, I really only see her when there is a family function. She is getting older and I need to make seeing her a priority. She is one of the main reasons I even sew..... She has always been a huge inspiration in my life.

~ Try to do Meatless Mondays!

~ Be on time to work! (This is a rollover from last year - ha! I was not very good at it in 2014)

~ Write letters and send snail mail. A few people send me snail mail and it ALWAYS makes my day. I want to be able to get in the habit of using this old hand written form of communication....

~ Eat cleaner and add a new food to my picky palette ;)

~ Continue with the Sunday sweet treats as often as time will allow!

~ Sew more.

~ Take advantage of day trips this year!!! There are so many cool places to see and visit that are within a few hours drive of here....

~ Work on a budget and PAY OFF DEBT. It was easy to rack up debt this year fixing things up on the house....

~ Wear rings again! I used to wear rings on every finger when Christian and I first met - I love the feeling of looking pretty adorned with pretty rings and jewels, but somewhere in the years, I have lost the ability to remember to put them on every morning! Gonna work on that!

So, there it is. My long, but realistic list of goals for the upcoming year... Do you have any resolutions, goals, or dreams you want to pursue in 2015? I'd love to hear about them! It is day ten in 2015 and I am just now feeling like I can get started on the things I want to do! Sickness is such a bitch!!! Here's to 2015 - I have this wonderful feeling that it will be THE YEAR. Awesome things are coming!! I can just feel it! It is also the year of the goat! That may have something to do with how I feel as well - I have just a few of those and hopefully they will bring me luck this year... ;)

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