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I have to admit, I cannot walk through the field without picking up feathers and sticking them in my hair - but only the perfect non-pooped on ones! Anyway, I saw this ring on Etsy and I love how simple and pretty it is....

I need to build myself a greenhouse this year.... This will be the first year that I will have LIVED at my farm, so I am eager to get my gardening butt in gear. I will need to fence off an area - there are a TON of deer out here, BUT this Winter will be the planning and building of the greenhouse!! I can't wait to be able to attempt to garden where I can really have the time to do what I need to do (weed properly, pick off the ol' stupid squash bugs, etc.) Yip Yip! My greenhouse will probably strongly resemble the chicken coop since I am comfortable with that design. Also, as much as I'd LOVE to use recycled windows, there is too much wind and too many tree limbs out here for me to feel good about it, so I will more than likely be using clear vinyl panels (and maybe a few windows in the mix!). Here are a few designs that I absolutely adore:

This week I picked this song, because I got a bit of nostalgia when I picked a date for this year's "Christmas With the Bitches" benefit..... You see, the very first one was in December of 2006. This year will be the NINTH one!!! Well anywho, Amanda Jane put this song on the playlist (the theme was pretty much any song that could have ANYTHING to do with Christmas, and well, shopping is part of Christmas too) This song for some reason cannot EVER come on without me having the biggest grin and best memories of the very beginning of my 30s (We started this up the year we both turned 30). Here ya go! Listen to this imagining me with the goofiest open mouthed lip synching grin..... and if you cannot imagine that, this year's event will be December 13 at 11pm at Little Kings Shuffle Club in downtown Athens.....

Yeah, I'm THAT girl. I can't get enough of Mr. Tatum. Waiting for this gem to come out on DVD ;) because I was too embarrassed to go see it in the theater....lol.

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