want/ need/ hear/ see

I am in love with this hoodie by Evy's Tree. I used to have one similar in grey a few years back, but this color is so Fall!!! Too bad they are sold out :(  This cool company specializes in hoodies of all kinds! Check them out HERE.

My need this week is borderline disgusting and weird. Why on earth am I craving Salisbury steak??? Who the heck knows, but that is the case and I am gonna need to get this craving satisfied soon. Gonna research a few recipes and come up with a GF, organic alternative to the ol' TV dinner that we used to eat growing up! This will be fun - AND hopefully satisfying!! Check back this weekend to see how my version of this old classic TV dinner turned out!!

This is Christian's pick for this week! Have a listen..... (for some reason when I listened to this, I envisioned Baby running through the field at our house with the kitten right on her heels doing flips and turns!)

I want to see "The Skeleton Twins" this weekend..... It stars Bill Hader and  Kristen Wiig and I adore Luke Wilson (who plays Wiig's husband) and have been needing a Luke fix since "Enlightened" wasn't renewed :( 

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