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What a week! I have been working my booty off cleaning up the property, hauling off trash, catching the SAME opossum several times (and then releasing it, thinking it would choose to find a new home), and enjoying the hell out of my beautiful piece of heaven!!! The kitten we adopted back in June has finally gotten to where she stays outside most of the day and then cuddles with us at night. I worry about her still, but yesterday, she showed me and Baby how she is learning to climb trees for added safety!

Check out our neighbors:

This one didn't have much to say until we were walking away and then she was making the loudest noises!! She was just playing snooty I guess!
I have a busy weekend planned, but hopefully starting next week, I can get back on the Frugal Fashion posts! They are fun and I have a ton of stuff I have gotten recently to show off, but for now this song and video is a good watch for Fall... I first saw the video in the Fall of 2007, and every time I see it, I think of crisp air, costumes, and crunchy autumn leaves. This was the first song I ever heard by Bat For Lashes, and it was actually the only one I ever really loved. The video is simple and still one of my favorite. Take a look and have a FABULOUS weekend!!!! Xoxoxo!

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