Two Cents Tuesday......

I love Tuesdays and look forward to these posts when I know I will have the time to devote to them. I get super inspired by the things I post and hope it spreads to my readers too! Today I was pressed for time, but did have a few things to share....
First up:
Nahanni Arntzen is in the process of putting together this book of photographs from when her father was a tree-planting contractor (1977-1987) and it is simply beautiful! You can make a donation the the Kickstarter campaign HERE.

I just stumbled across THIS blog and in particular, THIS RECIPE for these outright mouthwatering photos of these mashed potatoes....I have been on a comfort food kick as of late, and I think these are gonna make an appearance on the menu one evening this week! ;)
....annnnnnnd last but not least:
THIS POST that includes a hack for making running easier. Seems rather appropriate since I am just getting back in the swing of things in my new little city!

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