Monday Funday.....

I had to take today off of work so that I could get all my vehicle registration and drivers license changed over to my new address. After that ordeal, I did a little more yard work and cleaned out the carport/barn/home gym so that I have absolutely no excuse to get in a good workout - even in the rain!! I am loving this place more and more every day and I swear I didn't think that was possible!!!

This is where Lauren hacked away at the overgrown weeds-turned-trees area..... I can see Eli and Ellie just by stepping out the front door now!!!
I still haven't gotten around to putting in a garden yet, so since I had peas ready to go in the ground, I put them in these porch pots.... maybe I will get a little something!

Spirulina has calmed down so much since she gets to go outside when she wants.... I still worry about her a little since she is still s little girl, but I'm hoping she is fast enough and smart enough to outsmart anything that might try to get after her.
She absolutely LOVES Baby so much.

Baby was pooped to the max after being outside for most of the day. I made sure I was outside for the most part since Spirulina is still getting used to being outside.....

All of this wood was cleared out from my new home gym....Moving it was a workout in itself! I did a lot of jumping and stomping trying to avoid spiders.
Boom! Lots of space to move around! That wooden pile cramped my style, but I was too scared to mess with it until today.... Something about setting up the computer speakers and my iPod out there made the work more appealing.
You can also see the hog pen from the back door now!!! Whoop! Yay for friends like Lauren to come and help a sistah out!!

Baby really enjoyed running in the breeze and cooler temps....

....loving this rural living for sure......

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