Friday Night Movie: "Boyhood"

Wow - I finally got to see it!! When I saw the trailer about a month ago, I knew this was gonna be beautiful, and I expected this to be something like I had never seen, but it really exceeded my expectations. It was such a heartfelt film, leaving you with several unanswered questions and unexplained circumstances, which at first I found confusing - but in reality that is what happens. Unanswered questions - some things we never will know why or how. That's life. Life unfolds in such a different way in this film because it spans twelve years with the same people. It is such a genuine way to see people grow - to see Mason and Samantha transform from children to college kids in three hours and to see all of the different stages of boyhood and girlhood, and the adults get older is just.... pretty special. It focuses on the realism of the smaller moments in life in between the larger landmarks most noted in the typical movies. If you haven't seen it, I suggest you should before it leaves theaters. It is almost three hours, but I really enjoyed every single minute and couldn't imagine it being any shorter - I mean to capture twelve years of real time in one film is pure genius in my opinion.....

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