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This floating beautiful bed! One day I will make one, but in the meantime, anyone who has oh, THIRTEEN GRAND to spend on a hand-crafted bed, I'd love to hear how it sleeps ;)
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"The SENTIENT live edge floating platform bed combines solid walnut with high quality leather. The border on the platform and lower part of the headboard are upholstered with hand picked leathers. The leather around the floating platform border creates a simple recess for the mattress. The headboard is discretely upholstered to suggest design and at the same time add a little extra luxury. The SENTIENT live edge bed is an excellent design statement combined with the natural beauty of American black walnut."

I need a new grill annnnnd I want one with a small side burner just in case the power goes out at the farm I can still cook and make coffee with my Chemex! The other house had a gas stove, so this was not a worry, but this gal gets anxious when the possibility of a coffee-less morning could be in the future!

Christian's pick this week:
I got this book yesterday in the mail for my birthday!! Whoop whoop! It sounds like the story of my life! Except I don't have months and months of snow... and this year I became a farm OWNER!! Still can't believe it sometimes!!  You can purchase your very own copy of this book by clicking HERE to support our local bookstore in Athens, GA OR just pick up a copy there!
The definition of 'barnheart' as Jenna explains:
"It’s a dreamer’s disease: a mix of hope, determination, and grit. Specifically targeted at those of us who wish to god we were outside with our flocks, feed bags, or harnesses and instead are sitting in front of a computer screens. When a severe attack hits, it’s all you can do to sit still. The room gets smaller, your mind wanders, and you are overcome with the desire to be tagging cattle ears or feeding pigs instead of taking conference calls. People at the water cooler will stare if you say these things aloud. If this happens, just segue into sports and you’ll be fine."

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