Two Cents Tuesday! Inspirations For the Week....

Today's post starts and ends with pretty much the same message.... Tell it, Willie! 
“Be here. Be present. Wherever you are, be there.” 
-Willie Nelson. 
Look at this beautiful wallpaper! I love Alice In Wonderland and could you imagine a room papered with this stuff?!?!? The company that makes this is called Trustworth Studios and you can look at all their other stuff HERE.

THIS hotel. Its called The Line Hotel and it is in Los Angeles.
photo from thelinehotel.com
"The Line is a new hotel collaboration by the Sydell Group with Roy Choi, The Houston Brothers, Sean Knibb, and Poketo. The mid-century building was designed by Daniel Mann Johnson + Mendenhall in 1964, the same architects behind the iconic American Cement Building down Wilshire Blvd. The building has been restored and fully renovated with re imagined public spaces and guest rooms designed by Sean Knibb. The Line sits alongside Koreatown’s famous pre-1940 brick colonial revival buildings, in a neighborhood that’s working and playing 24 hours a day thanks to Southern California’s highest concentration of restaurants, bars, and round-the-clock businesses."
photo from thelinehotel.com
I am really impressed with the mixture of the really rustic collisions with all the modern touches. It's crazy how good it looks together!
photo from thelinehotel.com

The movie, Hesher. We rented it last week and it was really good! The cast was excellent and the kid was freakin adorable.
Good story, but probably not for most people... I personally like to see a raw approach about a subject matter that not too many production companies will take on in such a cold, dark portrayal - coping with grief. The music is all Metallica with a little Motörhead thrown in the mix as well - you can't go wrong with that!!

Everyone wants to hate on Hesher, but at the end of the day, he is just the balance that is needed in order for the constantly distracted and self absorbed people that we all are, to realize the importance of taking notice of what is happening NOW in the moment. Give it a chance if you dare!

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