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"Do you prefer "local" to the express? Do you like nature like it's going out of style? Then you just may be a Hickster. Where name brand is someone you know. Being a Hickster doesn't mean you crave compost. It does mean cutting edge urban living leaves you wanting something more. That's where we come in."

 Get your 'Hickster' hat HERE.

I actually just ordered mine yesterday.... It shall be making an appearance on the blog soon.... ;)
new fencing for my new farm !!! Eeeeek! At least this will be a permanent fence for my babies! When I did this three years ago, I wasn't nearly as excited since it wasn't MY land.... 



I ordered this book,  NOMA, Time and Place in Nordic Cuisine,  last year, but was completely intimidated by the thing! It has beautiful and amazing photographs, and what this chef does is pure magic and passion.... and even landed his place the title of Number One restaurant in the world. Last week I caught Anthony Bourdain's "Parts Unknown" and it was all about NOMA. I watched the episode and am gonna pick up this work of art once again... Rene Redzepi is so fun to watch and listen to - the things he creates are out there and I by no means will ever attempt to recreate, but do plan on being a bit more adventurous in making my own foods!

Check out this preview of the episode and if you can catch it on tv, it will blow your mind - in the meantime, just buy the book! 

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