Saturday Farmday!! Update on critter-life at the farm....

 Today was a leisurely sunny day out at the farm..... Baby got to have a play-date with Dale and since we will be moving to our very own little slice of heaven in the next month, Baby wants to squeeze in some good quality playtime with her bud since she wont get the opportunity to see him quite as much after the move. She does love a good run with silly Dale.... He is gonna have to come visit at her new place!
For two pitbulls that were not raised together and were both rescues, they play so good together. The result of what a good, stable home can do for any living creature is heartwarming to observe in this way... Two dogs - underdogs and discriminated because of their breed, from two different places, and different times (Baby is 10 and Dale is 5) prove that environment has so much to do with the temperament of any living creature....

Now on to the goats.... Ellen is in milk ..... AGAIN. Third year in a row without being bred... Miracle girl... and Because I had never intended on milking her, I never got her ready to be handled as a baby... She is wild as they come and she won't let me near her udders!! Maybe at the new place, I will be able to get her to come around with some extra snacks or lure her in with some back massages ;)
 Eli was having a blast in the field on this warm and sunny day.... I love it when this big brute completely lets go of his usual bullying ways and reverts to this kid-like behavior .... whether he is sideways jumping and running or rolling around in the grass, this is the side of this goober that I love seeing.... He seems like a scary creature with those big horns and strong build, but he is really just a kid at heart!

Next on to Miss Milly-poo. She is having skin allergies or something...again.... so she is back in a shirt. I am hoping that the new distraction of such lush green new pasture might keep her so interested in other things that she might just leave herself alone... I will be taking extra precautions with all of the goats against that nasty meningeal worm with the new field....
No matter what bumps may be in the road ahead, this little one reminds me that we all have a little fight in us to push through..... I still can't believe that as young as she was when she got sick, she never gave in.
 Now let's see about Miss Misty.... She will tell ya that she is starved for attention, but let me just tell you now - that is NOT the case at all!! After the move, if all goes well, I may just consider breeding her this Fall.... She came into milk last year without being bred (yes, just like Ellen!!) and I actually milked her a bit last year and she loved being milked!
 Gonna miss these sheep when we move to the new place, but they are gonna love not having Eli the bully trying to be the boss of them!
 I have to say out of all the girls here, Ellie is the sweetest and most willing when it comes to taking care of hooves, milking, etc. She absolutely LOVED being milked. It was the sweetest, but with her and Eli being inseparable, I wouldn't feel right letting her kid and have to be away from Eli.. they truly are partners in crime and would be lost without the other....When you are able to witness friendships in animals, it warms the heart in such a special way.....
Well, in chicken news, Pancha has taken over the role that Aeon used to have...."lone last chicken to get into the coop".  She also runs up to me at night and likes to be picked up and loved on a few minutes before being put up. That girl... Eggs are back in regular rotation, the customers are happy, and shortly after the move I am going to build a second coop and get a new young flock for laying while the ones I have now will live out their days in the "geriatric non-egg-producing coop" - I have several who haven't layed in quite some time.... Hope you all have a great Sunday!!!! I'm planning a classic yellow cake from scratch with homemade chocolate frosting for the sweet treat tomorrow!

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