Eeeeeeek! I can hardly contain my excitement!!!

Normally, this would be a 'Sunday Sweet Stuff' post, but instead, Christian and I went to my mama's for an Easter chowdown on ham, turkey, mac 'n' cheese, dressing & gravy, green beans, potatoes, souffle, and a homemade chocolate pound cake! Today's post will be all about this new big change I have been talking about...... We have decided to BUY a place!! A place where I can have my critters on the same property as the house we live in!!! It will require some fencing, prep, and chicken coop building, but I am hoping to have the whole crew moved to the new place by the end of June!!

This is the future home of the farm-babies, Baby, and Christian and I!
Nestled away (but not too far away - 10.7 miles from downtown Athens) from the tiring college kid partiers and gameday craziness, we have found the PERFECT homestead in a little town called Winterville, GA. We will live in a little farmhouse that was originally built in 1910 that sits in the middle of 8.5 acres.....on a dirt road......
 The property has tons of mature trees and pastureland that is almost ready for the goats!
 Large pecan trees in the front yard.......
 ...and over 15 peach trees in the back.....
 ...peach babies!
....a sweet little back porch.....
....run, Baby, RUN!!!

 ...small concrete outbuilding....
...cute updates....
 .....annnnnnnd the house!


  1. YAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!! I can't wait to come see it!

  2. Looks like the perfect place for "Happy Ever-Aftering"! Congratulations, Sandi and Christian.

    Love, Grady and Kathy