yes. I. want. Channing Tatum leggings. I am super cheesy in that way. Don't judge ;) No shame in my game!
THIS heavy duty Z-Rack. Love the top & bottom shelves. My house has very little closet space, and I have maybe too many clothes..... one day this will be mine!

Christian's pick this week:

Catching the Big Fish, David Lynch
 Last night I had a book picked out from a yardsale that I haven't had the time to read yet, but Christian suggested I read this one. I woke up and started flipping through, and it is one of those books that you can just flip through and get inspired... Gonna really sit down with it this weekend and soak it all in..... you can purchase a copy HERE....ANNNNNNND it's on sale for $8.82 with an Amazon Prime account!!

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