frannnnndzzzz and photoshoots.......(things for sale!!)

What an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day! Faye and Whitney had both planned to come over this morning to help me out with some Etsy listing photos - Faye has the perfect body to model these beautiful dresses - I mean most of these clothes fit her like they were made for her.... Whitney is an amazing photographer and (I actually met Faye through her) it's always more fun to have two sets of good eyes when snapping pics! The weather couldn't have been more perfect and after an awesome homemade breakfast and coffee on the front porch people watching, we got started... 
The truck is just an all around beautiful prop, and with this first dress, the gun fit in perfectly too!
 I have to say that Faye was a good sport about all this... she isn't quite the camera ham like I am, and it is pretty weird to pose in front of people, but once she got started, there was no stopping this girl!
 This is a beautiful vintage Miss Elliette dress, in good vintage worn condition. You can purchase it HERE if interested.

 That cute romper/jumper can be purchased HERE.

Next we decided to venture out into what I like to call one of my teenage favorite places. I hadn't been back to this little slice of old Athens in 20+ years, and I used to go with my friends back in high school and take photos here all the time......
It was still just as secluded as it used to be and it was really refreshing to be back there with these gals. Whitney took over the camera and I kind of wandered off in my mind flashing back to the old days.... it still looked the same, there was some pretty fresh graffiti as I remember it having back then, and the experience wouldn't quite be complete without the random nasty remnants of someone doing the dirty deed back there. Eckkk!

 ...these next shots are some of my favorite.....

 This dress makes anyone who puts it on feel like a princess! This one is also for sale HERE.
This next one really cracks me up.... it is made to look like a three piece suit. Dress, shirt, and tie.... and Faye owned this outfit! Working it like it was made for her!
 This one is actually pretty practical too! I can see this being worn out, to work, or class!

 Like this one? Purchase it HERE.

 This next one was a 'just for fun' outfit. The dress is beautiful but the sleeves are super delicate and were actually ripping with every movement. Whitney spotted the hat on my mannequin as we were heading out the door, and suggested it should be in the shoot. It could not have accompanied a prettier dress! 

Santa must have dropped off our 'Santa espresso cups' here instead of any one of our houses.... luckily we stumbled across them today and were able to take them home!
This next one is actually a housecoat. Beautiful vintage 100% cotton with zipper. Great condition with a few minimal spots.
 Like this retro robe? Purchase it HERE.
 Ohhhhhh, lawd. This vintage tennis outfit.... and Faye.... I have no words.

 ...and the next photo is my one of my all-time favorites. Dannnng, Whitney!! LOVE this!!!! Want a retro tennis outfit? Need something sexy and Patriotic for the upcoming summer cookouts? Purchase this getup HERE.
Faye was approaching 'Empty' on her fashion photoshoot tank right about here.... It had been eight outfit changes, so I can totally understand.... but I do think she is my 'go-to gal' now for these types of things.... she does know how to work it!
 This is another vintage Miss Elliette dress from the 60s. It has been dyed, it has been mended, and just doesn't look as in as good of shape as my other Miss Elliette dresses, however, this fairy dress is extremely rare and is priced accordingly. You can find out more about it HERE.

 "Put it on like a boutonniere!"

"OK. I'm done."  - Faye

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