...chicken love...

Ahhhh.... some ladies are crazy cat ladies.... I happen to be cuckoo for my cluckers. If you have been following the blog you know that all of my chickens are not named. This is only because most just prefer being chickens and don't really want much to do with me. They just want to eat bugs, snack on a little feed, and take dust baths. Pancha and Cuckoo are the only ones I have left that enjoy attention now... Goldie, the Barnvelder has been coming around more lately so maybe soon she will get some blog attention, but for today, it's all about Pancha & Cuckoo! This is the eyeless side of Miss Pancha's beautiful face:

 I love the next picture - Pancha is just standing on my leg and senses Baby behind us.

 ....annnnnnnd Misty started getting jealous of the Pancha pics and had to photobomb.....

 Wassssup, pretty Cuckoo?

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