weekly roundup of #100happydays project!

If you haven't been following long enough to know about this project, you can read all about it in my very first #100happydays post HERE. You can also view previous week's roundups HERE, HERE, & HERE

First though, let me just say that even though I lost Aeon this week, she brought a ton of happiness to me while she was here. I know a lot of people can't imagine that a person could really be close to a chicken, but she really was different. I have lost a few chickens that made me sad, but I wasn't as attached to them because they didn't need the attention - they were happy just being free chickens. Aeon was very different. She greeted me every single evening and asked to be put up. She was extremely vocal, and very playful. Just a week ago today I snapped this one of us, and although it wasn't an official '#100happydays' pic, I am including it in this post as an extra....

day 24:
 day 25:
 day 26:
 day 27:
 ....and a bonus pic for day 27:
day 28:
 day 29:
 day 30:

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