#100happydays weekly roundup!

So this week's weekly roundup involves mostly snow....why? Because all things snow make me happy!

day 10:
Girls night out coming to an end at the Waffle House at 2:30am. It is technically day 10. ;)

 day 11:
Sweet Stuff Sunday! Homemade chocolate cookies.....

day 12:
Snow is in the forcast. I am beyond happy. 

day 13:
It happened. Just a little, but enough to make me smile!! Eeeek!

day 14:
No explanation needed. Don't I look happy?

day 15:
Morning walk with a friend through the snow covered streets os Athens.....magical.

day 16:
First day my girls were allowed out of the coop since the snow. Aeon can get out of the coop, but can't get back in, so I just let them all stay indoors for a few days.... I didn't want to worry about Aeon being stuck out in the snow. She's my little chubby fighter - top heavy so always falls over and gets too anxious walking up the ramp to ever actually make it in..... 

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