want, need, hear, read....

...so there's this old tradition of gift giving that I learned about last Christmas for children from this blog. Most of the things I want are things to wear anyway, so instead of 'wear', I asked Christian to pick a song for me to 'hear'. He has always had the best taste in music, and I love it when he loads my car's CD player full of new stuff.....Here is my want, need, hear, read post for this week....

Want: (yessss...this week it is NOT something to wear) How cool is this?!?!? For a gal that LOVES mason jars, I felt so lucky to find this small company who works with leather and makes THESE beauties! The company is called Loyal Stricklin and they  are located in Alabama and have a featured ad on the right hand side of this blog. Go check them out!!

Need: I need a cute little inexpensive butter dish like THIS one, however it's not available online... boo. I'll keep looking.....

"If Only Tonight We Could Sleep" by The Cure

Read: I got this book for Christian for Christmas, but I haven't yet gotten around to reading/ looking at it.... I did flip through it when it first came in the mail, and can't wait to get lost in it this weekend!!You can order your very own copy HERE.

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