Keep it classy....or at least TRY.

The purpose of this blog is to share parts of my life with others. I enjoy surfing the web and taking a peek into others lives through blogs also. That means I get to share photos of my four-legged children (the goats, and my dog), my two legged children (the chickens), and snippets of life on my small (but satisfying in so many ways) farm. I try very hard not to be judgmental, but as humans that is inevitable - I am always trying. I would never follow someones page if I knew I would be offended by their updates, and if I felt that there was something offensive to me, I would just chalk it up to "to each their own" philosophy. I do have all of my pages set to 'public' so that leaves me wide open to getting judged for whatever reason - well,  yesterday I posted this picture on Facebook while I was at home on my lunch break: 
The caption read: "Breakfast for lunch.... Mmmm-mmm!!! Bacon, egg, & cheese biscuit- here I come!"

Within 30 minutes, I started to get these awful and very mean comments from an individual about how was choosing to eat "the tortured remnants of murdered animals" and how I "had no compassion because I was not a vegan". Please note that the actual photo this person commented on was absent of meat as you can see, unlike many of the others I have posted... 
Well, long story short, my blood began to boil and I retaliated with findings I have recently become aware of about plants and their ability to communicate with one another because they are too, LIVING organisms.... My stance on the matter when so closely monitored and judged by someone that chose to attack me out of the blue is this: Everything that I eat was once ALIVE - plants, animals, fungi, etc......End of story. You don't like that, then leave me alone....

I also did a little research on this person and found out some things that I felt to be hypocritical of someone's character that claimed to be so cut and dry on their specific cause. I learned that this person was one of the most well known PETA activists. Why she chose to attack me out of ALL the other Facebook account holders who also aren't vegan is beyond me. I can only do what I believe is progressive for me. If I see that someone eats fast food burgers every day for dinner, but that person is also an avid worker towards rehabilitating and rehoming pitbulls, then I am NOT going to go after them for their love of commercially mass produced, chock full of hormones and antibiotics, beef! I would much rather look at the GOOD that person is doing. Sure we all have different levels of compassion for animals, but the fact that the compassion is there at all is something to look at, right? 

I immediately reacted yesterday and then 'slept on' the events and bantering back and forth to come back today with a clear head. 
I absolutely adore my animals. All of them. I take what they give me and I respect them for nurturing my body. I buy meats that have been raised in better environments than the huge mass produced facilities offer. My raw milk comes from a farmer that loves and adores her animals as much as I do. When I first went to her farm in hopes of gaining knowledge on remedies for my very sick Milly (click HERE to read her story - she was only 10 weeks old when she got infected with the nasty MENINGEAL WORM), this woman who I refer to as my 'goat guru', had an 18 year old elder-goat that was living life into her senior years at this farm. My 'goat guru' guided me to use probiotics and vitamins to supplement Milly so that she could get healthy. All farmers who have small farms and sell milk, eggs, etc. DO NOT treat their animals like money making machines, so I was highly offended when this woman who believes that when I make comfort foods like macaroni and cheese, I was "contributing to the torture of animals", when I in fact do my research to ensure the opposite! 

Bottom line is, people are all different - we all should make daily efforts in some way to reduce the cruelty and torturous ways that animals are treated in order to put food on the table. We should all make ourselves aware of the way our food is farmed - be it plants OR animals, but the most powerful way to really try to change someone's behavior is through being a positive  example. The person that chose to come after me is a 52 year old woman who's only claims to fame are storming fashion shows naked, being naked for the sake of caged animals by painting herself with stripes and sitting in a cage, and by participating in "bikini tofu wrestling" which is the equivalent to mud wrestling but with tofu instead of mud. She is more interested in airtime, headlines, and showing her body than actually trying to make a difference through methods that might actually ingrain change in someone's behaviour. 

I did nothing to this woman to warrant such rage on her behalf. I respect people that can become vegan in ways that are healthy and chemical free. It is a strength that I know I do not carry now, but highly respect it in others and only ask to be respected in return. I give thanks to the life that lent itself to me so that I may sustain my own life. There is no wrong or right, it simply depends upon your own relationship to the life on this planet.


  1. people with a bone to pick (so to speak) can irritate anyone to the point of boiling over, and honestly you can say whatever you like...its your life. We would all be more worried if you didn't stand up for yourself and your lifestyle. Meat is delicious. AMEN.

    1. Thanks, girl. It IS delicious and I am constantly torn because of my love for creatures... but I do make a very conscious effort to get my meats from farms that practice more ethical and cruelty free farming... It's MY choice to do so, and I would never attack someone for NOT doing it my way... that woman was just crazy starved for attention I think...

  2. I love your blog for its warmth and compassion, you inspire me so much! Thanks so much!!

    1. Thank you - I love sharing my little farm and peeks into my life, and glad to have regular readers! Thanks for following!!