Saturday morning.... (Eeeek! It's almost Christmas!!)

 Saturday morning I woke up still feeling ....uh.... snotty, sneezy, and stuffy. Booooo. I decided it was time for a piping hot cup of coffee, a steamy eucalyptus bath, and a homemade biscuit breakfast.... I made the coffee first. I cannot function AT ALL without my coffee ;)
Then I ran a bath and mixed up some epsom salts and eucalyptus oil....

 the aroma cleared my stuffy nose right up! Now onto making breakfast!! I have mentioned this before, but I really have grown attached to my new gluten free flour - it's called 'Cup 4 Cup' and you can use in it place of regular flour and NOT TELL A DIFFERENCE!! It's crazy - and delicious!!
 I haven't been totally satisfied with any of my biscuit recipes (although they are tasty, there's just always something ....off), and decided to try out a new one.....
IMG_4956 Baby likes to make sure the floor is kept clean at all times and catches any crumb that may fall...
I cut them into squares this time just to not have any leftover dough ... I popped those babies in the oven and then started squeezing tangerines and oranges for some fresh juice!
 When they came out of the oven, they smelled like heaven....and looked fluffier and lighter than my previous attempts..... I am excited that they may just be PERFECT.
Oh, goodness YES!! Delicious and taste just like my grandma's!! AND GLUTEN FREE!! It's a miracle!!
 They were so good, I ate TWO with jelly before the bacon was even done....
 I'm full, totally wowed by my biscuit making skills and feeling better after that bath....now time to get ready for grandma's Christmas lunch and then do a little thrifting! Whoop! Happy Saturday, y'all!!

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