Wacky Monday

 So I woke up this morning ready to go on a run with my girl friend, Tania.... BUT it was pouring rain and the wind was howling something fierce!! I opted instead to catch up on a little TV and see if a break in rain would happen before I had to go to the farm and then onto work. After two delicious cups of coffee, 6:30am rolled around, the sun was waking up, and the rain had stopped.....time to hit the pavement! It had been two weeks since I ran, so I knew it was gonna be tough....
Check out my beautiful, peaceful route.....
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Photo (9)

After my run I went out to the farm to let my animals out and then headed to work. What I wore to work:

What I Am Wearing:
Dress: Thrifted for $4 while on a family trip in West Virginia at my all time favorite Thrift store!!!
Jacket: Yard Sale, $6
Slip: Thrifted at same WV Thift store, $2
Boots: Durango Boots that someone dropped off to get repaired at a local shoe repair shop, and never returned for them - I got them for a steal at $50!!
Socks: Target, $5
 Poor Baby has been recovering from knee surgery and hadn't really been allowed to go in the backyard off leash....today I let her have a little freedom and she got a little too excited and bumped her chin :( she lost a little of her grace in her recovery time and her clumsyness caused her to get a boo-boo.....
 I got to leave work a little early today for a dentist appointment!! Whoop! I have always had good luck with my teeth - just good genetics I guess. I'm 37 and never had a cavity! I scheduled my next appointment in six months for the time of 2:30.... bahahahah. Get it? Tooth-Hurty. I'm so hilarious. Right?
 After the dentist it was off to the feed store to get some farm stuff.....
Baby is always right by my side at the farm. In about another month, she will be able to run with the sheep, goats, and chickens again - she LOVES her farm time!
Just gloating a little over my beautiful gate THAT I WELDED. Yes - I just can't stop looking at this beauty!
Beautiful sunset.....
.....and the name of this entry was spawned after my "Suppertime Stroll" with Whitney tonight. We switched it up a little and did our route in reverse AND still walked backwards the entire way up the hilly-est street on our route.... and got rewarded by the most beautiful view of the Beaver Moon that  we would have missed if we went our usual way, so that's what makes for a very "Wacky Monday"!

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