I Am Thankful: Day 11 - Suppertime Strolls

I am thankful for the 'Suppertime Stroll' spawned from a few new friendships. The last several months I have been trying to figure out ways to stay active without having to step foot into a gym. I have really been enjoying the more 'organic' take on exercise. It started with morning runs with my friend, Tania,  that I rarely got to have 'hang time' with. Those runs are awesome and create a new way to get some friend time in! As the 5am mornings get cooler and cooler, our run dates are not as frequent, so I decided to start going for an evening stroll here and there..... I invited a fairly new friend, Whitney, to come along.... I have to admit, it has been years since I went on a long walk and I had forgotten how absolutely peaceful and fun a long evening stroll is! Our walks consisted of a pretty fast paced stroll with dance breaks, skipping, and whatever else seemed fun at the time....Then add to the mix her friend, Faye..... I must say on these 'Suppertime Strolls', I have a consistently good time. We even have one street that happens to contain the biggest hills on our route and we proceed to walk backwards down the entire street - in the street - while dancing to disco or old hip hop. You'd be surprised at how once people give you a double take, they go about their business like it's perfectly normal to see a trio of girls dancing and walking backwards down the street.  If you see group of dancing gals making their way down the street, honk - since it's dark, we cannot make out who you are, but we have a rule of just assuming if we cannot see who it is, that Ryan Gosling is behind the wheel.

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