fashion and farm gates...

I woke up at 5:30am this morning and could not go back to sleep..... I made coffee, snuggled with Baby on the couch while listening to Christmas music on my iPhone....I was kind of excited about today - you see, the gate that I welded completely is the big project for today! I made it last Christmas and finally am getting around to getting it up. It's 6am and I am feeling really inspired! Time to start on my 'to do' list..IMG_3954
First I finally reassembled the sewing machine so that I could start working my magic on the most fabulous Christmas Queen costume for this year's benefit. Think Dune meets Prince. Think strange regal Christmas witch? Anyway, it's coming along FABULOUS!!!!
Gold, green, & red! How gorgeous is this fabric???
The sewing machine sounds send Baby straight to dreamland....
My friend, Michelle, came over for a lovely Fall morning stroll and then came out and worked ALL day at the farm helping me with my fence project. She got to meet William, my farm neighbor that has taught me just about everything I know about welding, hammering, building things, and fencing - he is one resourceful man!! CHECK. THIS. OUT!!!!! Yes - made from scrap pipes and welded by yours truly! Yeah, I am proud of this beautiful piece!!!!

After a lonnnnnnnnng day out in the field, I came home ate some homemade chili and decided I had enough energy left in me to get a little more done on my Christmas costume....I still have a good bit left, but you can get a feel for what I'm going for here - sidenote - I will not be wearing jogging pants and a pink tee with this ;), think fancy schmancy bloomers and glittery gold heels!
Time for vegging out and TV! Xo - Sandice

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