Seriously....Thoughts About Modern Homesteading...

This morning, I woke up, read an article about a man who built a cabin for his family (wife and three children) in 1971. He built the cabin in five days and with a cost of $1000 in materials. This was in 1971, so today it would cost around $2000. This got me thinking....this cabin had no electrical wiring, no plumbing and so to get these (necessities in MY book) put in, and to make this 'lil cabin something I could be comfortable in, I am sure would be another couple thousand (I really have no idea how much these things cost), BUT for a few grand, and a stable little home, REALISTICALLY, would I be able to ever do this? So I decided to make a list of my necessities - 10 things I absolutely could not live without. Things that I REFUSE to live without.....

Here goes:

1. Electricity with enough watts to power my sewing machine, stereo, computer, etc.
2. Indoor plumbing with sink & toilet
3. Internet
3. Wood stove
4. Sewing Machine
5. Refrigerator
6. Phone access
7. Bathtub - could even be an outdoor tub
8. Computer
9. Storage shed (for all my current belongings that obviously wouldn't fit in my teeny cabin ;)
10. My camera

So I found it quite hard to come up with 10 things that I couldn't live without, but I am sure I am forgetting something very dear to me...I thought about TV, but with the internet and the entertainment of my animals 24/7, I wouldn't need one...hmmm....

In my mind, which may still be halfway asleep in dreamland, I can see this as a typical day with my limited things in my teeny tiny cabin on my 10 acre homestead with Christian and Baby:

First thing I roll outta bed and boil some water for coffee on my WOOD STOVE, then have my coffee and update my blog. Go out and gather eggs, spend time photographing my goats and chickens, let Baby run around, milk the goat (I think I would only have one in milk at a time so I wouldn't have any waste), come in put the milk in the FRIDGE, make breakfast, and then listen to my music loud while making some clothes with my SEWING MACHINE.....

Yep - I think it looks good so far!

I absolutely LOVE photographing my farm family.....
 Misty's calloused knees make me smile.
 All the hard work from Spring is beginning to pay off! I love the gratification of what the hard work of gardening brings!!


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