The Garden Is Growing! The Weather Is Warming!!

 The days have become longer, the chickens are back to their normal egg production, and summer seems to have leaped over the nice mild spring weather this year. The temps have already reached the low 90s and it is only the beginning of April. This however has meant that I got a little bit earlier start on the planting this year than last, so we will see how this year goes! So far I have several varieties of heirloom tomatoes either in the ground or getting ready for the ground this week by hardening them a bit. Black Krim, Cherokee Purple, Heirloom Beefsteak, Abe Lincoln, Roma paste, Peacevine Cherry, just to name a few......

 All the goats, sheep, and chickens are doing swell at the farm and all are loving the new growth and the warmer weather.

It is still a miracle to me that Eli is so strong and sturdy after all he went through last year!
Abe Lincoln heirloom tomato plants are doing great!
All of the other seeds that I started are excited to soon be going into the ground!!
The peas are starting to climb the bamboo ladder I made for them - looks like I will be adding another step for them soon!
The carrots have popped up and let me know they are doing well!
Ellie is still the sweet little mama goat that doesn't ever get too far from Eli - best friends!!

Chicken play time!
Misty looks so good and just turned a year old!

Milly is still improving every day from the nasty meningeal worm she got last year. It really took a toll on her immunity and she got a bad infestation of goat lice - now that I have figured out how to treat her for that, she should look like a star soon! Her strength is great, her might and will is awesome and she even tries to go head to head with Ellie when she gets the chance!! I do believe she has the most tough spunk of all the babies!!

Aeon is now in the big acre field with the rest of the chickens. She spends all day with them, then likes to go into the barn at night with Misty, Milly, and Ellen - rather than go into the coop with the other hens.

Baby gave me a good scare earlier this year with some tumors that I had to get removed and biopsied. Luckily they were benign and just cartilage build-ups! Whew! Now she is recovered from her surgeries and the scars are fading. Her favorite thing in the world is to be in the field with the goats and chickens trying to find the biggest stick!

Milly and her freckled nose......
She gets mad at me sometimes for the haircuts, baths, and tending to her special needs, but after all is done, she understands that I am just trying to help her. She is full of hugs and love!

"I can almost reach it....."
"How'd you do that, hun?"
"What am I doing wrong???"

Misty!! Sweet face, solid pink nose!

Milly leads the way!

Cuckoo's foot...

Aeon is my little buddy too!

Ahhhhh, the office at the farm. I DO love this place!

Hard work and diligence = beautiful gratification!! - and it only gets better!!

Baby and Ellen are the best play pals. Ellen is not afraid of Baby in the least!

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  1. oh how i miss the farm....and the beautiful farmer.... <3