Winter At The 'Acre'..... So Far

November & December so far have been a totally new experience for me. I have never experienced a winter with these animals and responsibilities. Last month, the chickens started molting and honestly I thought that meant that was the end of plentiful eggs for me 'til Spring...they were SO ugly and I was ashamed to even take any pics! Well, their feathers came back in within a few weeks and they have started laying great again! The colors are just amazing! One of my Americaunas has golden feathers that just look unreal.

Eli got into my garden and finished off the winter stuff....a tad bit early....I was able to get to my herbs before he plowed them up with his horns!

Milly is really doing great as well as the other goats.

While some days have been gloomy and cloud covered, some have been crystal clear with the most beautiful blue sky of winter.

William, the neighbor, helped me with the last part of the fencing project last week. We took down the old rusted fencing and cleared the brush with the bush-hog, then put in new wooden corner posts and t-posts, and then up went the fence. Fencing is probably my very least favorite part of farming. I can deal with cleaning out the coop, but fencing - pah-leeeeze!

Baby has been having a blast in the field as usual and has started a fixation on very large sticks. This is really fun to watch until she catches you in the shin while running past you with these huge things!

Every day lately hasn't been that labor intensive with gardening and usual farm things I had become accustomed to during the summer months, but I am fortunate that because of this "lull" in responsibilities that the farm, I have been able to focus most of my attention to keeping Milly's bandages changed and caring for her as she continues to get stronger and heal. I am certain that within a few weeks, she will not have to be bandaged anymore. Her sores have all healed and I am just waiting for the skin to thicken before I take them off.

 STRAIGHT SPINE!! Woooo-hooooo!!!!!

I hope you enjoy these photos of my heart and soul out at the farm and thanks for following my little blog!

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