An Average Weekday....

Most of the readers don't know that I also work a full-time job, so to all of you who think that there is just not enough time to do this AND work - think again - AND I manage to have time for the gym!

My days start 5:30am (during the week only - I do allow myself to sleep in on weekends until about 7:30am). 
I wake up, roll out ot bed, and put on a pot of water to boil for my coffee. While I wait for the pot to whistle, I grind my coffee, sanitize my milking container (a HUGE glass measuring cup) and sanitize my Mason jars for after the milk is filtered.
Once the coffee is done, I go out to the front porch and let Baby (my pitbull) out to play in the morning dew and do her business while I check emails, work on my blog, upload photos from the night before, and check Facebook. Around 6:15am, I get dressed and put on my boots and finish my cup-o-joe. I put Baby's leash on and hop in my truck and head out to the "acre" which is about 15 minutes away. 
I get there around 6:35am and bring Ellie into the garden where the milking stand is, give her some sweet feed, and prep her for milking. 
After milking her, I let the babies out of the barn and let the chickens out for the day and make sure all the water containers are filled. 

I usually have a few minutes to give everyone some love and attention. Around 7:20am, I leave the "acre" and head home to get ready for work. 

I get to work around 8am and work until 4pm. Then I have kickboxing from 4:30pm - 5:20pm at the Hardcore Gym. After the gym, I usually head home to eat, relax, and catch up on some dvr'd shows for about an hour or two - Christian works later hours than me, so this is my ME time. 

Around 8pm, I put on my dirty farmin' clothes and boots and head back out the the farm with Baby.

I weed a little, turn the compost, harvest what veggies look ready, and water if needed before I go into the field and hang with the goats and take photos. 

Here is a little recap of the crew out at the acre.....
 The whole goat gang:

I try to walk the fenceline at least every other day just to make sure there are no gaps or holes. Around 8:45pm, I put Misty, Milly, and Ellen in the barn for the night (this way I KNOW I will have milk in the morning), fill up all the waters & the chicken feeder, and collect the days eggs. 
 After all that is done, the chickens have roosted and all I have to do is close and latch the door on the coop. 

Around 9pm (sometimes 9:15), I head home, shower, and hang out with Christian til about 10:30 or 11pm (we are coming up on 12 years this November!!), and then I am off to dreamland.....

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