Wow!!!! Brand new chicken home made out of recycled and reclaimed materials!!!

I can't wait to move our girls into the new place!! This is on the "Acre" next to the garden and in the same field with our goats and Brutus! This awesome thing was built to also be shade for Eli, Ellie, Ellen, Sugar, Shaniqua, and the two new little Saanen baby girls we are getting this weekend. Everything up until this point has been fun, but this thing makes me VERY happy!! I love our new coop!! 100 square feet inside and their own little door and ramp to come and go as they please! 

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  1. Great job guys! We may have to steal this design. Can't wait to see the newbies. We have baby chicks here. 25 black sex-links and a broody Silkie sitting on 8 eggs that have just started to hatch. Haven't seen anything yet but I hear some peeps coming from under her. Love the blog!