Eli is doing AWESOME and the chickens are learning how to go up and down the ramp!!

Every day Eli is getting more back to his old self. His personality is coming back, his face is healing great, and he is back to hogging all the sweet feed that I leave out for him and Sugar. He still has some scabs, but he should heal completely very soon and hopefully he will have no scarring from this awful bout of soremouth.
The chickens are also getting better at learning to use the ramp into and out of their new cool coop. I am only having to chase one or two in the evenings at roosting time.
I am loving this new coop more and more everyday - except I have learned to NEVER leave the big door open.....Sugar jumped in there and it wasn't very fun trying to convince her to come out.... 

I brought my new truck home and am in total love with it. I have driven it all over Commerce, Watkinsville, Monroe, and Athens already and she runs like a dream. I even found a toolbox for it on Craigslist for $15!! So exciting!! 

The babies' fame is growing....so far we have had at least six different people come out and visit or feed them and we have only had them a week! 

 Hey - there is a line forming for kisses!! Suh-WEET!

We already had baby Ellen, and then last Friday we got Milly and Misty from the Brownings at the "In Dea Manibus Farm". These people were getting rid of their flock of Buff Orpingtons and I wanted to get their flock. When I went out there and saw the goats, and the babies and that they had been disbudded, it was perfect timing. They referred me to Dr. Mike Dzimianski and I was able to get Ellen done and luckily The Dr. was able to come out and help me with Eli as well. Things do happen for a reason and there is no doubt in my mind that I was meant to have the Brownings as a great resource for the Saanens. Thanks so much, guys!!

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